001 Toyohara Kunichika

This is a reimagination based on the artwork of Toyohara Kunichika "Yakusha-e kabuki" (Portrait of an Actor). Toyohara, a master of ukiyo-e prints, was infatuated with the extravagance and drama of the kabuki theater, which is enhanced by the psychedelic colors and movement of this piece.

The deeply appreciation and knowledge of Toyohara about the kabuki theater, led him to master a type of woodblock prints called Yakusha-e, which are kabuki actor portrays and scenes from the most popular plays of the time.

Kabuki means the art of song and dance, but the over the top costumes, make up, lighting and props makes kabuki an incredible visual spectacle.

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  • Details: GIF file, 1000x1474 px.

On September 2021, the non-profit organization Tezos Ukraine mentioned this token on the article "Five NFTs on Tezos Worth Seeing" of its monthly NFT digest. According to them, 01 Toyohara Kunichika is one of "the most interesting tokens that popped up on Tezos marketplaces in August" and something even better than the rainbow cat from Nyan Cat animation on YouTube. (Five NFTs on Tezos to See in August – Tezos Ukraine)