017 Toshikata Mizuno

Genpei Setsu-getsu-ka (雪月花); Genpei. Snow, Moon and Flowers

This piece psychedelically depicts Sato Tadanobu (佐藤 忠信), one of the Minamoto Yoshitsune Shitennō (義経 四天王, literally "Yoshitsune's Four Heavenly Kings"), defeating his enemy, Kakhan, after a fierce fight.

Satō is most well known for saving his master Yoshitsune's life at Yoshino, a story recorded in the Gikeiki. The story has become somewhat legendary over the years. Whilst travelling to Kyushu to escape, Yoshitsune and his forces were beset by the monks of Zo-o-no, and were facing defeat. Satō volunteered to fight a rearguard action to allow Yoshitsune time to reach safety, and asked for the loan of his master's armour in order to convince their enemies that Yoshitsune was still within their grasp. Disguised as Yoshitsune, Satō challenged and fought the group's pursuers, killing or wounding around twenty men and evaded capture.

Setsu-getsu-ka is a poetic metonym for rare beautiful sceneries in the nature in Japanese.

Details: GIF file, 1000x1426 px.; 300 dpi.